Top 12 Best Living Room Chair For Back Pain [updatd 2020]

If you’re feeling back pain due a long time setting on an uncomfortable chair, so don’t worry today we will discuss the top 12 best living room chair for back pain in the market that will help you to prevent spinal health issues as well as condense the muscles fatigue.

Best Living Room Chair For Lower Back Pain

After long hours working on an uncomfortable chair, it will develop back pain, however, selecting the right chair for home and office working will maintain your correct body posture, and you achieve a comfortable setting position. 

Additionally, when you are selecting an ergonomic living room chairs, you must be considered some important factors to ensure that the chair would relieve your back pain and sturdy for long hours sitting. These chairs are natural tendency to recline your chair back for more comfort and have firm back support which promotes an upright posture. It will make your home and office modern and classy. 

You need to get a choice right before you set on a chair since you won’t be there to fix it if things go wrong. Luckily, I can help point you in the right direction, I’ll discuss the top 12 best living room chair for back pain on the market, along with their pros and cons. 

List of Top 12 Best Living Room Chair For Back Pain

1. Signature Design By Ashley Lift Chair

The signature Design By Ashley Lift Chair is comfortable and has a sturdy corner-blocked frame with a metal reinforced seat. If you’re looking best leaving room chair for back pain with a thick cushion and faux leather upholstery, it is a perfect choice.

It is not only an attractive and luxury chair for the living room, but it’s also extremely functional and super quiet when using the power lift recliner. You can’t even hear it but reclines fully and also eases you back and elevates your legs for the ultimate lounging experience.

It is also the most suited chair for lower back pain as well as for big and tall peoples. Ergonomic living room chair with brown saddle upholstery looks like leather; however, it is a thick poly fibre that is much softer and not sticky like vinyl.

The backrest of the chair and feet also work independently from each other. You can have the feet up and back straight up. It’s indeed nice to be able to control them individually.

The color and fabric are amazing. It will make your living room modern and elegant. The cushioning in the seat and back are firm but comfortable, not squishy like a marshmallow. This chair sits higher compare to other best living room chairs.

The padding is soft, comfortable, and covered with a good quality artificial fabric/leather. The chair reclines flat and provides head, neck, and lumbar support that others often don’t. It is overstuffed and quite comfortable to sit. I’d highly recommend this reclining lift chair for back pain relief.

  • The fabric is really nice too.
  • The seat is wider than the regular recliner.
  • The leather is very attractive and seems to be very sturdy.
  • The remote also is very easy to work.
  • The quality is very high.
  • The lift and recline mechanisms seem a little slow.
  • The power cord is difficult to reach when it is stored in the side pouch.
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2. Massage Recliner Chair With PU Leather

At least massage recliner chair is upfront in stating this chair is for short and tall peoples, with a weight capacity of 300 pounds or less. It is not a beautiful recliner chair with vibrating, but it is also the best living room chair for lower back pain.

It has soft and sturdy faux PU leather for intensive use. The heat and massage are pleasant for the middle of the night feedings with your infant. It’s slim and the best living room chair for a bad back and an excellent chair for your nursery!

The chair has extra storage bags to rest your drinks and hold a magazine when you are taking rest or watching TV. The chair is plenty of big comfy and perfect for an afternoon nap with a padded headrest and 2 cup holders.

The full 360 swivel is also a nice touch and to be able to lock it when you don’t want to be swivelling around accidentally. The massager is kind of noisy, especially while you are lying in the chair, but it does a decent job. You can use the massager without the heat, but you can’t use the heat without the massager.

If you are hard on furniture, want to throw yourself at a chair when you get off work, or use your chairs as a jungle gym, these may not be for you. If you want a budget-friendly comfortable chair for average use, then this thing is an extreme hit.

  • The footrest closes up again just fine.
  • It swivels and rocks smoothly.
  • The recline position is easy to maneuver.
  • The massager is very powerful and relaxing.
  • Poor quality control in construction.
  • It has a poor center of balance.
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3. Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner

The Pulaski is one of the well-made best leaving room chair for lower back pain. You can sit upright for an intense movie recline to relax or lay fully back to take a nap.

It is an ergonomic living room chair that reclines easily. The chair goes back surprisingly far. It has a modern and clean look with one outlet and two USB charging plug. You can charge your tablet or phone and also use the outlet to power any other electronic device.

It is easy to put together and pretty darn comfortable, especially considering it is a home theatre style. It has a built-in try charging station and cubby for extra storage, and it also looks like a well-made best sofa for back problems.

The arm storage and power are convenient. The compartment with the USB and outlets is a great idea, but it suffers from clutter, and it can make it challenging to manoeuvre things.

The tray table is small and seems somewhat cheap. It can fit the iPad nicely. It will be great to find a bigger tray or something to add to it. The tray is removable, and it can be stowed but needs to have its pin removed to fit into the armrest.

The seat is wide enough, and seating is vinyl and feels like a comfortable leather seat as in a high-end car. The reclining mechanism is smooth and quick. Overall It’s not a big deal but worth mentioning.

  • The arm table is great.
  • The chair is comfortable and works well.
  • It is great for larger and smaller peoples.
  • The detachable trays are wobbly and not sturdy.
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4. Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat

An extreme and praise-worthy focus on a sustainable chair with excellent back support and eco-friendly design with high-quality PU leather provides optimum comfort during back pain.

It is comfortable living room chairs for bad backs with a highly durable steel frame with thicker foam padding, better to take a nap, or enjoy your favorite TV shows.

The leather material is very soft. It looks very simple and modern living room chair for lower back pain. You lean back as opposed to the side handles on most recliners. That makes it perfect for theater chairs.

The back is softer and more stuffed compare to other leaving room chairs. The seat is firm, and armrests are at the perfect height. If you have the taste of a minimalist and want a compact, comfy chairs for back pain, the value here is unbeatable.

The recliner mechanism is soft and sturdy. You recline back and lock your chair in any recline position; the adjustable footrest will help to reduced your lower leg pressure and keep you healthier for a long time.

It is an excellent chair for the price and beyond and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s a perfect addition to a small space. Strongly recommend if you need an inexpensive, comfortable chair good for the back.

  • The reclining mechanism is sturdy.
  • It’s a very sleek pretty chair.
  • It is also perfect for small spaces.
  • Small and lightweight enough to move around easily.
  • The seat is bumpy and lumpy.
  • Not comfortable at all.
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5. Best Shiatsu Massage Chair For Lower Back Pain

Best Massage is the company behind many of the most iconic pieces in the era of mid-century modern, but its catalog has far more to offer the best living room chair for back pain. It’s an adjustable massage chair; you can adjust the angle of the Massage according to your needs.

The heat feature in the feet is hot enough to cook popcorn. Your heart can work less, and you can relax more. It is a more comfortable chair for little nap as well as for entertainment purposes.

The airbags are fantastic and provide appropriate heat to your back, so your muscles and joints will recover faster and also increase your blood circulation to alleviate your back pain and keep healthier for long hours.

It’s tranquil, as it works with mostly air compressed parts that expand and deflate via air tubes. This chair is perfect after a long hard day from work. Especially if you have chronic pain, this is the best thing for it.

The performance of the chair is excellent. The chair is one of the most significant investments in our health and comfort. It is highly recommended for the price!

  • It’s great to fall asleep on the pillow.
  • The price is good.
  • The rollers on the back work nicely.
  • It is so easy to set up.
  • Their customer service is horrible.
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6. Domesis Cortez Push Back Recliner Chair

The domesis is an iconic, comfortable, and best living room chair for back pain. Its classic design makes a home elegant and stylish. It’s rugged construction, and the luxurious finish does this perfect sport for taking relax for long hours.

The armrests can compress, so someone more extensive can still sit in it comfortably. The chair has two buttons on the remote for raising footrest and reclining the chair. You can sit in the chair with the feet elevated without the reclining. This is the best living room chairs for posture as well as for watching TV or reading books etc.

The seat is comfortable and looks like real leather. The controls are simple, and the mechanism is very quiet. When the chair reclines, the leg lift will also come up. The two functions do not work separately. It is a wall hugger, and the power lift is more than adequate.

It is super easy to assemble. The fabric feels excellent and looks much more expensive chair with good back support. The construction is proper but not a heavy-duty stuffed chair. It has an intense and densely cushioned seat and well-padded back and armrests.

The ergonomic design with attractive color and the wall-hugging feature makes its footprint so much smaller than a regular chair. It doesn’t recline to a flat position but reclines enough to make napping comfortably. Overall it is worth the money.

  • The chair is good enough quality.
  • The remote is easy to use.
  • The seat is very comfortable for long hours sitting.
  • The chair is very easy to set up.
  • The material is easy to keep clean.
  • The chair is quite heavy.
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7. Comfort Products Commodore II Oversize Leather Chair

If you’re suffering in back pain and searching the best living room chair for back pain, so this chair is the perfect choice for you. Because comfort products commodore-II oversize executive chair has a contemporary cushion with waterfall-style padded molded armrest provides adequate support to your back and maintain your right body posture for long hours comfort.

It has an ergonomic design with pneumatic control; you can adjust the height of the chair for optimal comfort. Durable black nylon base with five-star rolling casters provides flexibility and mobility when you’re taking a little nap.

The seat cushions are covered with bonded leather, and the arms are attached to the nylon base, which allows you to adjust the seat according to your height. The frame on this chair is substantial metal; the cushions are dense and stiff but not uncomfortable for someone so big.

The leather has minimal peeling, and the cushion still feels good. It’s quite comfortable and adjusts more easily compare to other chairs. The quality of the chair is excellent. It is soft and seems to be very well made.

The chair is padded well, and the headrest comes into play when you lean back in the chair. It will provide adequate support to your neck and help to condensed neck pain. The arms are not adjustable; however it’s a well-positioned for average height peoples and is comfortable to use. Finally, it is a safe and reliable chair for bad backs.

  • It seems to be pretty and sturdy.
  • The height adjustments just fine.
  • It reclines nicely.
  • The Headrest support is awesome.
  • The chair is too stiff.
  • The arms are not adjustable.
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8. Best Chair for Lower Back Pain Sufferers – Oslo Collection

If you like stylish, comfortable, and durable home furniture, then Oslo Collection furniture is the perfect choice for you. It will make your home classy and modern. This chair will provide adequate support to your backside and reduced muscle fatigue.

This chair increased satisfaction and luxury by placing a generous amount of memory foam in the seating, and top grain leather upholstery makes the chair professional and one of the best living room chair for back pain.

The chair back and seat are adequate height and width. However, the armrest is a little narrow, but it’s comfortable. The chair rotates smoothly on its base and is raised slightly, so don’t worry about damaging your carpet. Furthermore, it would be excellent for a hard-wood surface.

The footrest helps prevent the numbness, pins, and needles and also reduced the lower leg pressure to avert the back pain. The leather of the chair is very soft, fits in with your decor perfectly, and adds a tasteful touch to your living room.

The base is walnut wood structure and remains comfortable when you’re in the recline position. It is easily put to gather. This chair is of excellent quality and construction for the price.

  • Very comfortable for entertainment purposes.
  • The swivel recliners work very well.
  • The leather is superb, soft, and supple, great color.
  • The pillow is attached to the chair with a sturdy strip of leather.
  • The headrest is not even sewn on straight.
  • The chair did not provide the needed lumbar support.
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9. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa For Elderly

Another most affordable and best living room chair for lower back pain on the list, yet also one of the best-looking to the MCombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair is designed with ultimate support to your back. It is one of the best comfortable chairs for the family room.

It has an ergonomic design with the built-in reclining system, which can tilt back between 90 to 140 degrees. However, it does not recline all the way to flat position, but its focus on comfort makes it ideal lounge chairs for bad backs.

The seat is softer than another regular chair, which helps protect from pressure sores. It is super easy to put together. The back of the chair is very comfortable and hugs your back, minimizes the chance of aches and pains after a long time working.

There are multiple settings for this living room massage chair. It even allows you the opportunity to go into a manual mode and select various ways to set a massage feature to your preferences.

It has dual USB accessibility; you can charge your phone and IPad from the chair with no difficulty, and two cup holders on both sides of armrests best meet your needs.

It is a sturdy and supportive living room chair for lower back pain. Slightly back is the most comfortable upright feeling. The massage is excellent; however, the head area is a little noisy—overall great value for the price.

  • Customer Service response is quick and effective.
  • The material looks and feels great.
  • The massage settings are great.
  • Cup holders are a great addition.
  • The base is a bit heavy.
  • It dosen’t lay back far enough.
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10. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair For Elderly

CANMOV is ultra-soft and best living room chair for lower back pain. It has soft leather with multiple adjustable features that are helping you to complete your task in a befitting manner.

The chair reclines comfortably while you’re working on a computer. It is a perfect living room chair for small and large size peoples. It has robust quality material with a high back, and thick cushion provides the ultimate comfortable sitting feel and enhances safety.

The footrest is an excellent touch; however, the footrest has not enough padding, but with a back pillow, it’s just fine. If you’re feeling back and neck pain after prolonging the time of gaming or office working, so this recliner will help you to condensed the back and neck pain.

The price is reasonable, and the chair appears to be well made. It goes back far enough to make it comfortable for a little nap.

The fabric is soft but fearing stains. It is super simple to assemble. The backrest is a little uncomfortable, however, to add pillows to compensate for the large bottom section of the back.

The chair is decent when tilted so you can sleep, and the first dump is excellent. It’s also plush and perfect for the living room. We are happy with this power lift chair and would recommend it to all.

  • Very nice looking recliner.
  • Sturdy and easy to put together.
  • It is very sturdy and built well.
  • The price is better than the other chair.
  • It does not Fully recline flat.
  • It is definitely not a “wall-hugger.
  • The armrests are not very sturdy.
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11. FDW Wingback Recliner Chair For Lower Back Pain

FDW Wingback Recliner provides fully relax your body and mood with this comfortable recliner sofa. This club chair has high quality back support that will help you to sit comfortably for long hours as well as enjoy your favorites TV Shows.

This chair is more significant than a computer chair and perfect for kids and adults. It’s easy to go back and has robust quality material that seems are stitched without any flaws. It is the ideal home theatre chair, and the price is a steal.

The seat and back padding is firm, however, extremely comfortable and the armrests have ample padding with no sharp edges. It’s fully reclined backward for little nap and woke without any body aches or pressure on lower legs.

It has ergonomic designs with attractive footrest; it’s very easy to put the footrest back down when you want to return the chair to its fully upright position.

It is a perfect size recliner for a small living room and very well made at a reasonable price. They look luxurious and compliments the room. Overall at this price this chair cannot be beaten. Perfect for a bedroom or smaller space where you want a recliner or reading chair.

  • The reclining mechanism is very smooth.
  • Great chair for the price.
  • The material is not bad.
  • The leather material feels the nice to touch.
  • The cushion isn’t good quality either.
  • It also doesn’t feel very sturdy.
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12. Flash Furniture Mid Back Mesh Chair

The flash furniture mid back mesh chair ranks in the last in our list for the top twelve best living room chairs for back pain. The flash furniture company has manufactured an ergonomic chair for back problems that has indeed attracted our attention.

The range that this chair has for reclining is tremendous, and when fully reclined, it goes back rather far. It’s great for kicking the feet up and binge-watching a TV show or intense gaming sessions after a long day at work.

It has a very lightweight ottoman for leg elevation in a variety of lengths positions. It’s challenging to imagine who wouldn’t want to be seated in these lounge chairs for bad backs.

This chair is very well made and is very easy to put together. The colour (Palamino) is a warm brown that blends nicely with the wood interior. The contemporary recliner with matching ottoman is comfortable and durable to spend a lot of time without feeling any back pain.

The chair is very comfortable without additional padding. I’d recommend this chair to anyone looking for a lightweight recliner because it is a very light chair and easy to move in your living room. It’s the perfect size to fit in smaller rooms.

  • Back is high enough for napping.
  • Lightweight, so easy to move.
  • Ottoman height is just right for the chair seat height.
  • Reclines smoothly.
  • Decent back and head support.
  • Leather looks like plastic.
  • This chair is very low to the ground and very hard to get out of.
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We have reviewed some of the best living room chair for back pain which you can use home and office working. You have also got beneficial tips on how to select a good living room chair for back pain, so there are fewer chances that you will make a mistake. All the chairs we have mentioned above are durable, robust quality material and have a reasonable price. Now it’s up to you what you want to buy. Good luck with finding the best living room chair for back pain!

People Also Asked

What type of chair is good for lower back pain?

Mostly peoples will experience significant lower back pain due to sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods. Lower back pain usually involves muscle spasm of the supportive muscles along the spine.

There are multiple causes for lower back pain, but the leading cause is a static posture that increases stress in the back and increases the pressure on legs and back muscles etc. Here are some tips before buying a good chair for lower back pain:


A chair has significant back, and lumbar support will help to reduce the lower back pain or minimize the load of strain on your back. So before buying a chair for home and office working may be ensured, the chair has adequate back and lumbar support. Subsequently, the tendency of future pains is eliminated because your back would be less strained and undisturbed.


Use of armrests on your home and office chairs is essential to take some of the strain off your upper spine and also give support to the shoulders and helps to avoid any experience of tension in the arm region. This feature in the chairs helps to eliminate stress and have a comfortable time when typing.


The headrest features in the chair would help prevent the possibilities of having a stiff neck while sitting and working in your chair. So before buying an ergonomic chair for lower back pain, it may also be considered.


Ergonomic chair along with footrest are little comfortable compare to other regular chairs. These chairs have not alleviated all sort of aches and strain but also can utilize for little napping when taking relax from office working. So comfortable chair will increase your productivity; otherwise, you will lose your job.

Are recliners good for lower back pain?

The answer is Yes. Because recliners are more comfortable compare to other ergonomic chairs. It’s a well-padded, and enough seat and back cushioned. It also included the reclining features; you can recline according to need and put the least stress on the spine and may reduce the risk of back pain. If you’re working for a long time at home and office, the recliner is a perfect choice; it will maintain your right body posture and keep you healthier.

What is the best chair for your back?

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, the right ergonomic living room chair can be a godsend in managing your back pain and alleviate the muscle strain. The question is, what is the best chair for your back?

An ergonomic office chair can help maximize back support and maintain your right body posture while you’re working for a long time. However, a regular chair is not enough. It’s also necessary for the size and height of the office chairs fit according to your height and torso. It will improve the next-level comfort and reduce aggravation to the spine.

What is the most comfortable lounge chair?

The person with persistent spinal problems should look for the best living room chair for back pain which must be squishy, and firm. So the lounge chair is a perfect choice for those peoples, such type of chairs is providing adequate back and neck support and preventing muscle fatigue.

Lounge chairs are full utilities and most popular in the modern-day due comfortable and quality. These chairs have an innovative design along with various adjustments features. You can adjust the seat according to need and sit comfortably for office working and also recline back for taking relax or little nap.

The comfortable lounge chair fitted with a cushion on back and headrest, which have identical designs in proportions to lend fresh looks to the chairs, it makes a home and office modern and classy.

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