Top 10 Best Office Chair For Neck Pain – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

If you are working late sitting in your office and feeling severe pain in your neck and trying to find out the best office chair for neck pain, so you are landed in the right place.

Best Office Chair For Neck Pain

Today we will discuss the most useful and comfortable office chair for back and neck pain relief.

Neck pain is an everyday person experience; in most cases, the pain occurs due to muscle strain from poor posture. It’s mostly can be damaged our nerve system causing leaning over your computer or hunching over your workbench at home or offices.

In the same circumstances, you can’t work with full dedication and devotion to achieve your optimum goals in your life. So a comfortable chair will become an essential part of our life

Owing to a variety of ergonomic chair designs are available in the market, choosing the best living room chair for neck pain is the most challenging task despite precious income available in our pockets.

To prevent these issues, I drive deep search on the internet and select the best office chair for neck pain; hopefully, it is most useful for you

For a glance at the top ten lists, you can check the below-mentioned table if you want to dig even deeper then check out our selection criteria at the end of this article.

List of Top 10 Best Office Chair For Neck Pain

1. Homall Office Chair For Neck Pain


  • Multi-Function with 360 Degree Swivel 
  • Multi-direction Wheels
  • Tilt locking mechanism 90-180 degrees angle adjuster
  • Height-adjustable gas spring cylinder
  • Load Capacity 300-pound maximum.
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Homall Office Chair Review

Homall Office Chair comes with excellent quality leather material along with pillow support which is more comfortable for a long hour sitting.

Used inside leather materials to allow air to circulate without restriction, keeping you fresh and healthy even when you are sitting for long periods in front of a computer or playing games. The design is super cool and very stylish.

Extreme High-Quality ergonomic Design, with metal material support design, the Chair is too heavy, which increases the stability of the Chair; you don’t need to worry about falling when you lie down on the Chair.

The back of the Chair is fully adjustable and can recline back on 90 to 135 degrees. The armrests are at the right level.

The lumbar support and Headrest are a great addition in the Chair, keeping the Headrest comfortable during office or home working or playing games. You can alleviate the back pain with this ergonomic Chair.

Though this is my first high-end office Chair, which can easy to assemble and a must-have for anyone still using as a regular office chair for neck pain, the flaws I noticed are rather small, in my opinion, and this is always a great buy.

The Chair is tilted a bit backward when you sit on it; you can feel straight, so that’s the backrest has a tilt or recline features, almost exactly like a car seat.

It is a suitable chair for playing computer games, watch TV, do the home and office work and has a rest. It will make your home or office space more modern and elegant.

High-End Gaming Chair for the reasonable price along with lightweight wheels and body without a problem, and you can roll around hardwood just fine. The only thing I didn’t like was that the armrests are fixed Height otherwise this is the best office chair for neck pain.

  • Easy to Setup in just 20 Minutes
  • Higher-end chairs with velour covered memory foam
  • The neck pillow can be moved to several locations to support your neck correctly.
  • Armrests are fixed Height
  • Seat Cushion little bit Thin

Our Verdict

This a very luxurious office chair with a PU leather option that I’ve had at office work. The Chair meets all of my needs and tasks for you when you feel neck pain during long sitting in office or home. If you are searching for the best office chair for neck and shoulder pain, this is worth it. Overall, this is a good chair.

2. Flash Furniture High Back Office Chair


  • Comfortable Design with Adjustable Headrest
  • Ventilated Mesh Back
  • Built-In Lumbar Support
  • Tilt-Lock Mechanism
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Flash Furniture High Back Office Chair Review

Too much comfortable and flexible best office chair for neck pain with two-tone black nylon and chrome base, wheels lend a contemporary style to any space.

Ergonomic Chair with a tilt lock mechanism system that allows you to enjoy a relaxing rocking or reclining motion while taking a break from working.

The Chair has lumbar support along with neck pillows, which is filled with some cheap cushion material with flip-up arms that provides you the option of an armless office chair for neck pain relief.

Fire-retardant foam filling is used in material that increased the safety of the Chair without compromising on comfort. Used nylon base PU leather and Foam for the cushions to make it comfortable and durable.

It includes a shaping sponge cured Foam. The wheels of the Chair very lightweight and rolled around little hardwood bit fine; however, you can use to avoid messing up the floor.

The arms are fixed width and Height; you can fold up both arms simultaneously. However, the distance between arms too narrow, whereas you can adjust the height of the arms as well.

Executive style swivel chair with tilt Lock Mechanism, make perfect for the office work when you are feeling back and neck pain. The Chair can be adjusted the backward tilt resistance and also rotates 360 degrees.

Furthermore, you can quickly lower and raise with an air-filled seat height adjustment to deliver the perfect fit whenever you long time sitting.

A waterfall seat edge made to reduce the pressure from the lower legs while working on the computer over time because of the more comfortable and durable best office chair for neck pain.

  • Adjustable Head and back lumbar support
  • Padded Flip-Up Arms
  • Water seat reduces pressure on legs while long time setting
  • Nonadjustable arms rest
  • No best quality material

Our Verdict

Designed the chair with extra comfort, and also a waterfall seat edge feature made to remove pressure from the lower legs while improving circulation as well. You can upgrade your work area with this chair. Overall I’m satisfied with this chair.

3. Duramont Reclining Office Chair


  • Material Type Breathable Mesh
  • Adjustable lumbar and back support
  • Maximum Load Capacity 330 Lbs
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Duramont Reclining Office Chair Review

Another Best office chair’s for neck pain in our list with multiple features like lumbar support and rollerblade wheels with a comfortable seating position. You can adjust the headrest height, angle, and lumbar support height as well.

Provide proper back and neck support while you sit in the chair comfortably for more extended periods compared to traditional chairs.

It’s very comfortable and supportive for neck pain and allows you to tilt back the backrest and straight-up as desires. Due to ergonomic design, you can spend long hours working without having that painful feeling.

It is the Best Office Chair for neck pain, which makes more comfort when you work. You used robust quality materials along with rollerblade wheels, which allows you to move within the working floor quickly.

The seat is very comfortable and easily adjusts to different heights along with the armrests with robust and stylish material and provides backrest supports and neck support throughout the day.

Ergonomic Gaming chair as well, which can help to achieve a better sitting position when you were feeling lower back pain due to improper posture.

Adjustable Headrest that allows you to lock, when you tilt in place and can confirm seating position when working in the office.

This Chair has non-sliding armrests, which is too much suitable and less frustrating. Furthermore, if you lean on the armrests, if the move, it makes your move as well.

Seem to be of excellent quality and best office chairs for neck pain with breathable grid-like pattern have a little knob that adjusts for pushing the Chair lower back, which is just fantastic features. So, no need for a lower back cushion with this Chair.

Rollerblade wheels, which are immediately switched out for the caster type wheels, work well on hard surfaces instead of on carpet.

Easy to assembly just 20 minutes required, Great Chair for all heights, with reasonable price.

  • Robust quality material
  • Non-sliding armrests
  • Rollerblade wheels
  • The lower back is made of a piece of hard plastic

Our Verdict

The robust quality material is used for this office chair, which can’t be beaten. It is a very comfortable and ergonomic chair for the living room and also provides a suitable neck and back support as well.

This Chair can ease off that pain with a cushion that supports the lower body in which is also adjustable according to your need. You can purchase it for your office work.

4. TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair


  • Ergonomic Design with a hanger on back
  • 3D Armrests
  • 145-degree Synchronous Mechanism
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Adjustable headrest/lumbar support
  • Material Type Electroplate Feet with Nylon Wheel
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TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair Review

TOPSKY mesh office chair comes with a skeletal back frame covered with high-density strength mesh, which is used for air circulation and also additional features with coat/ sweater hanging on the backside of the Chair along with adjustable Headrest and lumbar cushion.

It is a suitable office chair for neck pain on a budget with proper lumbar support that makes it more comfortable. The seat is also comprehensive and comfortable with wide armrests can adjust up and down as per requirement, which is extremely valuable.

Extremely higher-end office chairs for neck pain with lumbar and Head support. Put together in about 15 minutes.

The Chair is entirely comfortable and adjustable back support. Feels a little cheap, and works fantastically. The lumbar support is adjustable; however, a little height bit can’t get adjustable.

Also added cushion support to the armrests, you can sit a long time when you are feeling neck and shoulder pain, it’s a sleek design which makes more comfort.

A Headrest is also a great option with only the included wrench; you can’t be able to comfortably adjust the Headrest anywhere for neck pain, which utterly supportive for neck pain relievers.

The reclining option is silent, but I do wish it went back just a little bit more. Moreover, the armrest of the Chair is very sturdy, whereas it has a bit vibrate in the extension part.

  • Perfect for the small size house
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hanging Coat/ Sweater option on the back
  • Height is not adjustable.
  • Not Good Quality Material

Our Verdict

The seat itself is supportive and comfortable with high back with hanging out coat and sweater option. Textures are fantastic, and overall it’s great and works fantastically.

5. Ergohuman High Back Mesh Office Chair


  • Pneumatic cylinder raises and lowers chair quickly
  • Adjustable Height with lumbar support
  • 5-Star nylon wheels
  • Adjustable Backrest
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Ergohuman High Back Mesh Office Chair Review

Very sturdily Chair built have fabric seat and so breathable and adjustable. Construction with the Mesh, which is a bit too springy along with foam padding in the armrests.

The mesh material which is used for this Chair is shockingly durable with the lumbar support was more aggressive. The front ends of the rest are more comfortable.

You can use the additional lumbar Pillow on the Chair, which becomes zero difficulties and results in a near-perfect sitting experience for the extended setting.

If you are tall with a very long torso, you can face problems with the back lining up correctly. So you can raise the end and the Headrest and tilted the Headrest about halfway back, and it’s very comfortable and supportive for neck and shoulder pain.

This Chair has a taller back, and neck rest with shocking features are useful for setting long hour working in the living room during neck pain.

It is more comfortably ergonomic Chair, which can bite challenging to assemble. If you are occasionally getting soreness in your neck and shoulders, then this is the best office chair for neck pain.

Easy to assemble only take 10 min, with a tiny little help from others. It was easy with wheels in the bottom, and a comfortable seat on top, attach the arms and attach the back with extra hardware and full supportive frame, which covers armrest as well.

Adjustable better height for shoulders and elbows rest, which make it more comfortable when feeling lower back and neck pain, you can lean back and rest of your Head when you type.

It’s utterly extendable Chair and neck rest, which provides neck support and amazingly comfortable best office Chair for neck pain as long time sitting up straight without blocking off circulation and adjust the resistance to fit you.

It provides back support exactly where we required to helps you keep proper posture and even looks good.

  • Fully adjustable, comfortable, durable and easy to assemble.
  • Built heavy-duty construction.
  • Headrest and lower back support are incredible.
  • Decent Price
  • Armrest sucks nasty.
  • Doesn’t recline far enough for a nap
  • A bit difficult to assemble

Our Verdict

The lower back support is fantastic, and the neck rest is also well-shaped and in the right place where you needed it. The airiness of the seat and back breathe well and then leaning back, and forward motion is just excellent.

This Chair is fit for everyone and is incredible. We recommend this Chair to anyone who is working for long periods in front of the computer or office and suffering neck pain as well. However, it is not a cheap chair, but it’s a high chair at this price.

6. Merax Leather Racing Style Office Chair


  • 360 degree cushioning from top to bottom
  • Built-in adjustable lumbar support
  • 170-degree reclining feature
  • Built-in thick padded extendable leg rest
  • Heavy-duty metal base and frame
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 242 lbs
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Merax Leather Racing Style Office Chair Review

Versatile best office chair for neck pain along with double padded 360 degrees are cushioning from top to bottom, which is looking gorgeous.

Ergonomic Chair with adjustable lumbar support along with cushion for ultimate relaxation, to support the natural contours of the human body where you can reduce back and shoulder stress.

This is the Best office Chair for neck pain with 170-degree reclining feature with built-in thick padded extendable leg rest where you can take relax in any position any time.

Build in the heavy-duty metal base material with smooth high-grade PU Leather upholstery, which is soft to the touch and become double stitched for heightened robustness.

This Chair is a contemporary and sleek design that will seamlessly blend into any space, whether it is your office or bedroom. Versatile Chair with comfortable cushion and an elastic band that can be placed behind one’s back or head.

It has two levers on each side, you can adjust the Height and the other to tilt the angle at 90 to 180 degree of Chair, or bend back. This Chair for at least feeling comfortable and fallen asleep fast before I even started working on the computer, whether home or office.

Ergonomic Design makes it more comfortable, which can really help your back and neck pain tremendously and also perfect Chair for using a PC or watching TV or playing games.

Looking very lovely with a footrest that pulls out is a great feature. The build quality seems very solid and sturdy. Easy to assemble and very sturdily and comfortable ergonomic Chair with a reclined option, which forces you a straight posture as well.

  • 170-degree reclining feature
  • The build quality seems very solid and sturdy
  • Decent Price
  • A footrest that sticks badly

Our Verdict

I like this Chair because more comfortable and 360 degrees covered with cushion. It’s slightly too tall and suitable for extended settings. The reclining option is good at a reasonable price. The cushion is more durable, however, not the greatest or soft enough for prolonged use.

7. SMUGDESK Ergonomic Office Chair


  • Ergonomic Design with Headrest and lumbar cushion.
  • Breathable material durable Mesh and PU cover.
  • Higher-end backrest to save neck and spinal cord.
  • The back seat is more flexible with adjustment.
  • Special soft armrests with adjustable protect shoulders.
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SMUGDESK Ergonomic Office Chair Review

It has Ergonomic Design with more comfortable and durable Headrest and lumbar cushion and breathable material and PU Mesh cover provide you extra comfort when working for a long time.

The best office chair for neck pain with comfortable Headrest and lumbar cushion along with soft armrests with protecting shoulder provide extra higher support to the neck and spinal.

If you’re gamer and setting a long time in front of the computer, then lumbar and neck cushions force you to sit correctly, which I assume is the point after all.

The assembly is straightforward, and the hardware is very high quality. The material and bolts used are very high quality. It will take me 30 min to unbox and assemble. The assembled Chair is frigging sturdy.

The armrests and seats are very easily adjustable so you can perfect fit according to your needs and size. Lastly, arms are adequately supported entirely. The Chair almost forced you to sit up straight. You can see that the Chair in some parts is stitched with a thick, stiff wire.

The most comfortable and best-fitting Chair with excellent features which make it more advanced than your standard office chair. It is astonishing Chair is the incredible range of motion. 

Immense Chair with adjustable Headrest is also a nice feature with extra lumbar support and Pillow. Pillow might be useful for smaller people who are below six feet.

  • Perfect for Shorter Peoples (below 6 feet)
  • Adjustable Headrest with lumbar support
  • Build-in robust quality material
  • Not Very Comfortable and Soft
  • The seat is Very Hard

Our Verdict

This is the Best Office Chair for neck pain, which is a force for sitting with good posture to avoid back and neck pain and the ergonomics make it great for long sitting times. Very easy to put together and keep more comfortable for long time office working without feeling any neck pain.

8. LIANFENG Ergonomic Office Chair


  • Ventilated Mesh Back Material
  • Fully Adjustable Headrest with Padded Arms
  • Tilt Lock Mechanism with Adjustable Knob
  • Padded Black Mesh Upholstered Seat
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LIANFENG Ergonomic Office Chair Review

It is Ergonomic Chair with breathable feature and sufficiently durable mesh backrest that allows air to circulate to keep you fresh while you are long time sitting.

Sleek Design with soft Mesh padded seat and along with adjustable lumbar support that relieves tension in the lower back and neck and avoiding long term strain and makes it comfortable for overtime sitting.

The knee-tilt function that moves the tilt pivot point to behind the knees keeping your feet firmly on the floor. When reclining or taking an extended break or answering the phone call, it becomes more comfortable.

it is the Best office chair for neck and shoulder pain with fully adjustable armrest, which makes it more comfortable and durable and also takes the pressure off the shoulder and the neck, which reduces the risk of pain while leaning back.

Wheels are beautiful and healthy; you can quickly move to the office, this is a lovely office chair with a high price, easy to assemble and is very comfortable.

I think these are going to be fantastic home office chairs for neck pain. Easy to assembly just around 30 to 40 minutes required. The Mesh has sufficient and gives you excellent lumbar support.

The Headrest can also be adjusted up-down with adjustable arms; the chairs have lots of adjustments features that make it comfortable, and itself is flexible to meet the size of anyone who sits on it.

Lumbar support, arm, and Chair Height can be adjusted with Polyurethane foam and cushion for the seat, which is hard like memory foam but doesn’t sink.

  • Breathable Mesh backrest for air circulation
  • Seat Pad is thick and comfortable
  • It rolls smoothly on five casters
  • Headrest is detachable
  • Little Bit Not Comfortable

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a lightweight office chair for neck pain then this isn’t for you. However, if you want something made out of metal, then this is a good Chair for you because the Chair will survive your kids and the apocalypse, all while feeling great.

You can change the lumbar support and armrest height to help for back pain strain. The lumbar support is outstanding, and the Quality of the Chair is good.

9. TICOVA Ergonomic Office Chair


  • Fully Adjustable Chair
  • Ergonomic Backrest & Headrest
  • Comfortable Thick Seat Cushion & Armrest
  • Strong Mesh & Back
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TICOVA Ergonomic Office Chair Review

It is a 2nd last Best office chair for neck pain in our list with tilting angle along with seat cushion which makes it more comfortable for long hours.

Adjustable backrest with thickened Pillow makes it comfortable to sit a long time and perfectly fit for neck and shoulder pain.

If you’re working a long time, then this Chair is perfect for you to provide double-curved Headrest and complete support to your neck and head when you’re working on a computer.

The seat is made 3 inches high-density shaping foam, in one piece, which is thicker and more resilient with more comfortable and durable with unique tilled armrest and softer PU surface can provide more comfortable arm support.

Breathable Mesh with robust material which provides you a relaxed and comfortable back support. Also permitting a long time sitting without any strain. Sit deeper to experience more supportive backrest along with seat cushion and Headrest.

The neck support and armrest can be adjusted up and down for people with different Height and torso. The Quality of the cushion is durable, which makes a seat is quite thick and soft.

Wheels are quiet and smooth to move in all directions without any noise. You can feel better after sitting for hours each day.

  • Better Appearance with durable cushion.
  • Build Quality appears robust.
  • Armrest Height is adjustable.
  • Lumbar support is jarring.

Our Verdict

Neck and lumbar support are flexible, comfortable, and durable. No matter how long time you sit. Overall, this is an excellent choice at a very competitive price. I have done quite a lot of research on the Chair selling online market as well offline market and feel this is a little bit the best cost performance ergonomic chair. 

10. SMUGDESK High Back Executive Office Chair


  • Material Mesh and PVC
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Rocking Function
  • Wheels 360 degrees rotation
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SMUGDESK High Back Executive Office Chair Review

It is also the Best office chair for neck pain with a reinforced framework and Meshes back support. It has a High-end, sleek design, and more comfortable office chair while you’re working a long time, which is perfect for reducing muscle fatigue and pressure.

Nanoscale materials are being used that can resist transformation with high-Density shaping foam and abrasion to keep you more comfortable during long, intense gaming sessions or office working.

Comfortable and customizable Headrest, fitting the neck curve perfectly, which makes it great when you’re working a long time. Furthermore, if you want to change the Height of Headrest, just tilt simply and adjusts the tilt lock mechanism lever underneath the seat and feel more comfortable.

Best office chair for neck pain with ergonomically designed armrests, with 360-degree swivel wheels, which is much flexible and durable. Also, padded Headrest helps reduce pressure on the upper body and neck.

It has excellent back support, but the main focus here is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

  • The Mesh is very fine and smooth
  • Padded Pillow with the reinforced framework
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Easy to Assemble
  • The armrest is very hard and low
  • Little Higher Price Range

Final Conclusion

Buying a reasonable ergonomic best office chair for neck pain to meet your office requirement when you are feeling pain in your neck and shoulder during long sitting. That is why we tested and deep researched over a few best office chairs for neck pain and shoulder pain.

It is definitely difficult feelings when you can’t get comfortable Chair. So Spending for a recliner chair can be a challenging task for if you are not sure what you’re looking for.

So before going to buy, check our reviews to get fruitful ideas about specifications you may need and also to price respective. We hope that our comprehensive review will make the challenge easier for you, and you will get our top picks.

Our Selection Criteria

Finding the best office chair for neck pain can be a tricky and challenging task because there are no such type criteria that measure how we can reduce neck pain?

Nevertheless, we are considered many factors that make it easy to understand which ergonomic Chair is best for us to provide neck support as well as back support.

It wasn’t an easy task for us to pick what we felt were the best based on our expertise in the category. We are considering the scope of the user which they needed.


The best office chair for neck pain is designed with some kind of unique materials along with additional features, which can help you to maintain your body posture in good condition to relieve neck pain issues.

However, low-quality products or basic chairs that are usually utilizing in our home and office do not provide these features causing neck and back pain.


If you are tall, the basic ergonomic Chair can’t relieve neck pain, and you should choose a simple and sleek design according to your Height that will provide you the best support for a long time sitting.

Before buying the best living room chair for neck pain, make sure your Chair fits for your body postures, unusually tall person give a particular emphasis on special additional features that help you with your neck support.

Build Quality

In this category, we looked to build the Quality of the best living room chair for neck pain and also an office chair because many chair products being made in low-quality materials instead of high-quality materials, which is uncomfortable.

High-quality materials have lightweight and provide extra flexibility in components and more feasible for the neck pain patient. However, low-quality materials included poor build quality, which is not comfortable for us.

We looked best products upholstery and how nicely it was incorporated with the Chair’s structure.


The body size of every person is different from each other, so finding the most comfortable chair for neck pain is a difficult task. It also depends on the type of work that you are doing at home are office or your body height, and how you sit.

Furthermore, seat, armrest, and comfortable neck support is an essential playing role when we are setting and how our bodies felt after we got up from chairs.

Neck Support

Mostly we are using an ordinary chair in home and office, which does not provide any customizable for neck support because most peoples have different torso and length.

Accordingly, much ergonomic expertise is stressed, whether you’re sitting straight up, reclined at 100 to 135 degrees.


Reclining is the most prominent feature for a long time sitting because you can move your body a bit more while you’re working at home and office. Your Chair is a little bit more comfortable and flexible to create a pleasant working environment.


We are searching for the best adjustable seat height for home and preferably for office with adjustable arms height and seat depth. The best office chair for neck pain also provides you to customize the tilt distance to relieve your neck pain as well as back pain.

People Also Asked

What is the Best Chair for neck pain? 

The best office chair for neck pain is fully adjustable Headrest and lumbar support with adjustable arms. Furthermore, if you’re feeling neck pain stems from too much stress on your spinal cord, you can get a chair with a seat that has a tailbone cutout.

Besides, your workstation can also cause neck pain; if you are not sitting at the appropriate level in front of your work station, you will develop neck pain over time. The adjustable Height of your Chair and also a suitable keyboard tray can reduce your neck pain

Rarely, if your Chair away from your work station and monitor is not at the right level, which creates strain your muscles in your neck over time.

What is the Best Chair for sitting all day?

It will depend on you what and where you want. If you’re searching the best office chair for neck pain, then the Ergonomic Chair is the best one solution because an ergonomic chair is entirely comfortable and helps in proper position seating to focus on your office work.

Can sitting cause neck pain?

After sitting a long time in front of our computers in the same position due focused and making significant progress, you feel that your neck is stiff and sore.

Later several hours have elapsed, and you’ve been working in the same position to achieve the optimum goals you feel a slight headache.

How can I make my office chair more comfortable?

Stuck with an uncomfortable chair at office or home are forced us threw the Chair out of the window. Whereas, there are few things where you can intensely improve your comfort level as required.

  • Proper Height of Chair and table
  • Add seat cushion
  • Proper lumbar and neck support

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