Top 10 Best Gaming Chair Without Wheels in 2020

As a games lover, if you are looking for a gaming chair without wheels, then you are landed at the right place. Today we’ll discuss best gaming chair has no wheel as well providing enough comfort. 

gaming chair without wheels

Gaming requires you spend a lot of sitting in the chair. So the gaming chair must be comfortable and user-friendly to keep you more relaxed and suitable for an extended period of time and also alleviate some spine issues to stay healthier. 

If you’re thinking why you’re purchasing gaming chair without wheels?. So don’t worry. Such types of chairs are perfect for you, if you’re playing games and watching TV without damaging the floor by scratching with wheels and if you have limited space at your home, these chairs are also the perfect choice for you. 

Buying a gaming chair without wheels can be tricky because hundreds of gaming chairs with excellent features are available in the market. Here I mentioned top 10 gaming chairs without wheels that have ergonomic chairs in today’s market.

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List of Top 10 Gaming Chair without Wheels

1. X-Rocker Gaming Chair Bluetooth

Key Specification

• Rocker gaming chair with Speakers
• Immersive Media Experience
• Wireless Bluetooth Receiver
• Connect with Multiple Chairs
• Maximum weight Capacity 275 Lbs

X-Rocker Gaming Chair Review

Since X-Rocker Company has brought excellent gaming chairs to the market, so the position of their best product must be in 1st position. This is the best gaming chair without wheels based on the ergonomic design and quality of the material.

Up till now, the X-Rocker gaming chair presented a rocker gaming chair with Bluetooth speaker that can be used for playing video games and watching TV as well as relaxing.

It has two forward-facing speakers with a powerful subwoofer, provides you excellent sound quality. It will offer you great back support during multiple hours of use. 

It came with everything that you have looking for to easily plug in the chair through the audio jack on the TV and Bluetooth to listen to music on your phone. The control panel of the chair will enable us to connect other X-Rocker chairs in multi-gaming mode.

This chair is easy to assemble and also perfect for kids. Bluetooth device is fully compatible to connect with coaxial connections as well. Overall it is an excellent choice for you.

  • The Bluetooth function works great
  • It can fold up and easy to store
  • The sound quality is great
  • The speakers are amazing also
  • It is not completely wireless Chair
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Editor Review
The quality seems excellent, and sound quality is outstanding as they are bright and pretty loud. The chair can be connected via Bluetooth to musical devices to enhance the entertainment. Overall we do recommend.

2. X-Rocker Pro Gaming Chair

Key Specification

• Slide Control with Volume Bass Control
• Ergonomic design with full back support
• Wireless Audio Transmission
• Headphone Jack for Personnel Use
• Maximum weight Capacity 275 Lbs

X-Rocker Pro Gaming Chair Review

The 2nd best that comes in the list is X-Rocker Pro Gaming Chair. It is a regular and professional gaming chair without wheel alike can now not only hears sounds of the game but feels it.

Ergonomic design with faux leather and stylish, breathable fabric back and seat, make your home more stylish and elegant. It is a swivel pedestal gaming chair that can be used to play video games, watch movies, and taking relax. 

It’s included additional vibration motor synch with bass tones to magnify sound quality and enhance your full body experience. The base of the chair allows you to tilt and swivel for long hours of comfort. Padded armrest and backrest are durable provide you extra comfort and back support while you are playing games with bad posture. 

It is easy to assemble, and the back of the chair folds down to save space. The chair can be connected with other X-Rocker chairs with multi-gaming mode. Built-in speakers with subwoofer are being used for full immersion in your game. 

The built-in Bluetooth receiver enables the chair to play audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as your computer or mobile phones.

  • This chair is perfect for an adult
  • Very comfortable gaming chair
  • Takes a little time to put it together
  • The speakers sound great
  • Easy to store and take with you
  • Bolts are little frustrating
  • Did not rock correctly
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Editor Review
The gaming chair without wheel is seriously cool and easy to setup. You can get it for your kid’s gaming room. I can’t think about a single bad thing to say about the chair. Comfy to set in and impressive looking. It takes your gaming room to the next level. The armrest and backrest support is excellent to maximize comfort while you are playing games. The sound quality is also excellent. Overall it is a unique chair with swivel ability.

3. Ace Bayou Gaming Chair with Armrest Support

Key Specification

• Immersive media experience
• Headphone Jack with adjustable bass control
• Connect with multiple chairs
• Two built-in Speaker
• Maximum weight Capacity 275 Lbs

Ace Bayou Gaming Chair Review

The 3rd highly recommended gaming chair without wheels is Ace Bayou gaming chair is an extremely outrageous and comfortable leather lounging chair that is fully compatible with other X-Rocker chairs and will be connected with these gaming chairs in multi-game mode.

It is is a High-quality gaming chair without wheels that provides enough support to your back and neck after extended gaming periods. This gaming chair can be used for playing video games watching movies as well as listening to music.

The chair features two speakers near the headrest and a built-in subwoofer that will provide bass-heavy sound effects or music when you’re playing games or listening to music. This high-tech gaming chair with extra comfort armrests lends itself to full back support.

It is an entirely comfortable desk chair without wheels with adjustable bass and volume control for immersing yourself into the ultimate sound and action. If you’re looking gaming chair without wheels that will treat your body genuinely and provide more entertainment, the Ace Bayou is worth every penny.

  • The speaker’s quality is awesome
  • The sound is exceptionally good
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It’s comfortable and sturdy
  • It has a poor quality stitching on the seating part
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Editor Review
It is a comfortable gaming chair, even for adults. The sound quality is exceptionally good. The speakers are built within the chair, so it’s easy to hear your explosive onscreen actions, or if you want to listen to your music playlist while playing your video games, you can do that too. I love it also because he’s not blasting the whole living room with his video game audio!

4. Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair No Wheels

Key Specification

• Recliner and Ottoman Set with Leather Wrapped
• Black Leather Soft Upholstery
• Double Padded Cushion
• Two Years Warranty by Flash Furniture
• Maximum weight Capacity 275 Lbs

Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair Review

There are plenty of benefits to high back mesh chairs, like the fact these chairs are much cooler because of the extra ventilation compare to regular chairs.

The flash furniture gaming chair without wheels offers a number of adjustments, too, like the ability to tilt forward and backward as and when you required. However, if you like gaming chairs with wheels then this chair is not perfect for you.

Flash furniture mid-back black mesh swivel task chair with flip-up arms provides you extra comfort while working in the office or playing games.

This chair has an extra feature like massaging power to massage your back while you are enjoying a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home or office.

It has multiple functions included remote control; you can control to turn up the heat choose your custom massage options, and set the timer as well.

The chair isn’t too expensive. It comes with two years warranty by Flash Furniture and amazing customer support.

  • The reclining aspect is a little weird
  • Can use together with a footrest or separate
  • This chair is incredibly easy to put together
  • The heat and massage are perfect
  • The armrests are not spaced very wide
  • This chair isn’t great for larger people
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Editor Review
The massage feature is fantastic, however, intensity of the massage for some reason event better/ stronger. The reclining and swivel is easy. The back of the chair is tall enough to support your neck and head. The seat is plenty wide enough for a large adult and does not take a lot of space. The chair is extremely comfortable and the ottoman is the right height to properly support your legs. Excellent for the price!

5. The Crew Furniture Gaming Chair without Wheels

• Faux leather vinyl wipes clean with a damp cloth
• Attractive bold mesh racing stripes with solid color
• Ergonomic design with Padded polyurethane foam
• Maximum weight Capacity 275 Lbs

The Crew Furniture Gaming Chair Review

The well-known crew furniture company provides great gaming chairs without wheel with a wide variety of features. It’s built on a wood frame and padded with polyurethane foam, which is more comfortable and supportive while playing games.

The crew furniture is an iconic comfortable, and durable gaming chair with a high mesh back seat; it is a perfect choice if you’re playing games without air conditioning.

It is ergonomically designed and perfect for floor activities, playing video games and watching TV. It has a very comfortable seat that will make your gaming experience more wonderful. It will also maintain your right body posture; and has adequate back support, so you’re not lounging or anything like that.

Built quality is incredible with a budget chair like this. You can get a solid gaming chair without wheels that will al least be comfortable for the time and well worth the price.

  • This is a great chair for kids
  • It is lightweight and easy to move
  • It is more comfortable and sturdy
  • The chair is bit smaller and less padding
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Editor Review
If you’re hardcore gamers and always sitting on the floor, then this is perfect choice for you. It is lightweight and easy to move. I recommended this chair is you’re looking for a similar product, this is a great.

6. RESPAWN Gaming Chair with Armrest

Key Specification

• Recline back up to 118 degree
• Pedestal base provides sturdy support
• Material Type: Leather Vinyl
• Maximum weight Capacity 275 Lbs

RESPAWN Gaming Chair Review

Respawn is one of the most popular brands in the gaming chair field. This gaming chair without wheels is also come by Respawn, which takes your seating experience to the next tier.

This chair features a high back with segmented padding, and extra head and neck cushioning make it more comfortable after extended gaming periods. The respawn is included padded armrest flip up out of the way when you needed.

It is so comfortable gaming chair that will recline up to 118 degrees backward; you can take a nap if you wanted to. This chair is the perfect solution for the console gamer because it will help you through causal to extreme gaming sessions.

It has a pedestal base that provides you a sturdy support and allows the chair to swivel 360 degrees, making replacement your gaming room easily. Its included stain-resistant material makes it silky smooth even more durable for extended use.

If you’re looking gaming chair without wheels that provide enough support to your body genuinely, Respawn is worth every penny.

  • It’s perfect for long gaming sessions
  • The chair does sit low
  • Easy to move around
  • Material is superb
  • Great rocking motion
  • The base is heavy and that gives the chair great support
  • It does not have an adjustable lumbar support
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Editor Review
The chair is comfortable and has the added feature of having the ability to tilt back. The leather is soft but durable, and it comes with four variant you can choose between the black and orange design or white, black and red design. The base is wider than the typical gaming chair base, which provides a lot more stability. Overall, the best gaming chair without wheels you can buy for a great price, even if you pay full price!

7. Respawn-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner

Key Specification

• Recline up to 135-degrees
• 360-degree swivel base
• Respawn Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Maximum weight Capacity 275 Lbs

Respawn-900 Gaming Chair Review

If you’re looking budget gaming chair that provides enough support to your back and neck Respawn-900 racing style gaming recliner is the perfect choice for you. It’s included a removable headrest pillow to keep your spine aligned, and also lessens the strain on your neck and back.

The quality of the gaming chair without wheels can’t be denied either. It is a fully functional gaming recliner, swivels 360 degrees, and holds users up to 275 lbs that lets you level up while laying back.

It’s wildly easy to assemble, and it’s included the footrest, which makes it more supportive and extremely sturdy. It’ll look like as professional chair in both an office and gaming setup, so you’re getting a chair that can do both

The back of the chair reclines up to 135-degrees, and you can move independently with extendible footrest, which provides you freedom of choice in how you sit. The pedestal base will also provide extra sturdy support when you reclined position, and you can extend the footrest with confidence.

The frame is all metal and appears to be high quality and sturdy. The fabric is also nice and heavy. Overall it’s a beautiful, comfortable chair that is well worth the cash.

  • The chair is light and easy to move
  • The headrest is adjustable
  • The arms are just the right height
  • The little remote bag on the side is also very handy
  • Terrible material
  • Lever for reclining function doesn’t work properly
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Editor Review
The armrests are padded right down to the cushion is one of the favorite things, as compared to other gaming chairs. Well, couch feeling. I recommend this chair for a couple of hours of use at a time with the legs extended. It’s one of the best investments ever.

8. X Rocker 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Chair

Key Specification

• 2 speakers near the headrest
• High back tilt & 360 degree swivel
• Faux leather with breathable fabric back and seat
• Maximum weight Capacity 275 Lbs

X Rocker 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Chair Review

Whether you’re a kid or average height human, X-Rocker has got you covered. This chair has a very stylish, breathable fabric back and a comfortable seat height that is perfect for average height person. It is also low enough to the ground to be cozy.

The Bluetooth connects very quickly. The audio is very attractive; you can not only hear the sounds of the game but actually feel it and also become a part of the excitement when you are listing to music or watching TV. 

Ergonomic design with a supportive base elevates you and allows tilt back and forward for optimal comfort while playing games. Assembly is pretty easy, and the chair is very sturdy and comfortable so far. 

It has padded armrest, and lumbar support provides extra back and neck support as well maintain your right posture to keep you comfier for long hours. Robust quality material with futurist design by X-Rocker makes your home office elegant and stylish.

All in all, if you’re looking gaming chair without wheels with Ergo design provides back and neck support reduces stress and fatigue on the lower back, X-Rocker 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Chair is your best option. 

  • Very comfortable if you want to be a lounge
  • The Bluetooth connects very easily
  • The sound quality of the built-in speakers is intense
  • Excellent quality and easy to put together
  • It is a little bit not comfortable at all
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Editor Review
If you are planning to purchase such types of chairs to use with your PS4, keep in mind that although it’s Bluetooth compatible with PCs or other devices. However, this chair is easy to connect with other devices, and the sound quality is fantastic. It’s like sitting in a movie theater.

The armrest can be lifted out of the way if you prefer no armrests. The chair swivels completely around and rocks so you can lean back if you like. It’s overall an excellent gaming chair without wheels, and I highly recommend it for any gamer.

9. Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

Key Specification

• Recline between 90 to 180 degree
• High Quality PU Leather
• Seat Height: 17.7”
• Maximum weight Capacity 265 Lbs

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Review

Homall is not one of the most well-known brands in the gaming chair industry; however, if there is one thing that Homall does well, it is the production of high-quality gaming chairs without wheels at affordable prices. This quality chair is not only available for the gaming room but is suitable for any type of office environment due to the capability and mobility.

It looks like a professional gaming chair without speakers and attractively designed; it perfect choice for you if you like a chair without wheels. It is also a cool gaming chair than a standard office chair, and all the top gamers have them.

It is a great computer chair without wheels that can recline up to 180 degrees and keep you more relaxed and comfortable, also increase its aesthetic feeling and e-sports style. The built-in lumbar support provides adequate support to your back and neck for long time gaming.

It’s easy to assemble and good-looking recliner to makes your living room and gaming room stylish and elegant or event your recreational area; this is the one for you.

  • The lower lumbar pillow support perfectly
  • It has a very cool design
  • Great quality for its price
  • It’s very comfortable and easy to assemble
  • Pretty difficult to put a chair together
  • The material is very thin, so be careful
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Editor Review
Awesome gaming chair as well office chair without wheels. It’s comfy and easy to assemble and reclines when you just need to nap. Good Bang for your buck.

10. Best Choice Office Chair No Wheels

Key Specification

• 360-degree swivel action
• Material: PU Leather, Aluminum
• Maximum weight Capacity 250 Lbs
• Ottoman weight Capacity 265 Lbs

Best Choice Office Chair Review

If you don’t like gaming chair with wheels, so don’t worry, the Best Choice provides a similar comfortable and durable gaming chair without wheels. It lacks much of the adjustability that reclined backward and has 360-degree swivel action to allow you for long time comfort.

High and comfortable gaming chair, it is so easy to put together. Ottoman and armrest provided supreme comfort while you’re working in the office or playing games.

The chair seems well built. The ergonomic design of the chairs indeed provides full support to your back from all the way to keep you healthier after long hours of work.

It has a durable ottoman crafted with faux that reduced your leg pressure and avoids lower back strain. The chair is perfect for lounging in the living room and more comfortable during office working as well as intense gaming sessions.

  • The chairs are comfortable and attractive
  • The chair is easy to move
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ottoman has a perfect Height.
  • They do not recline all the way.
  • The chair doesn’t have a “standard office chair” base.
Editor Review
The chair is attractive and comfortable. The ottoman and the chair use a round base because it is very easy to move around as the base is so lightweight. If you want something that will stay in one place, this might be too lightweight compared to any other chairs. The quality is excellent and knows this chair will last with regular use; I highly recommend this.


Today we have given you the information about the gaming chair without wheels. So these are the best gaming chair without casters for average height person as well taller peoples. You will know everything about the product before buying it. We choose one of the best chairs for you based on durability and mobility.

So if you are waiting for the right product, buy from one of these products for you. But make it fast before they get sold out and feel free to comment below.

Have a nice day ..!!!

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